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Uppsala University is the oldest university in the Nordic countries, with a living cultural environment and fantastic student life. There are 40,000 students here, and they are seen, heard, and noticed everywhere. World-class research and high quality education pursued here benefit society and business on a global level. The University is characterized by diversity and breadth, with international frontline research at nine faculties and limitless educational offerings at undergraduate and master levels.

For a guide on how to apply to all levels, check out www.uu.se/mundus/application



Uppsala University offers approximately 800 courses at nine faculties at bachelor and master level taught in English for our exchange students.

In order to apply to Uppsala University as exchange students you have to be registered as a student in a university in a country covered by the PRECIOSA project. Here you can find all necessary information on available courses and life as an exchange student at Uppsala University.



We offer a wide range of master programmes. You have to provide all documents requested by the PRECIOSA project as well as all required documents requested by Uppsala University. The requirements for admissions are the same as for any other applicant. Please have a look at each master programme in order to check if there are any specific requirements for your programme, such as a thesis or project work for example.

In your application it is crucial that you specify what master progamme(s) you are interested in. In other cases your application will be considered to be invalid.

No recommentation/admission letter from Uppsala University is required.



The nine faculties at Uppsala University are all hosts to internationally active research groups and centres. Check our information on research for an overview of possible hosts for PhD-studies or Post-Doctoral research.

In order to apply for a scholarship as a visiting PHD student or a Post-doctoral researcher please make sure you make contact with the relevant department in Uppsala University well in advance in order to set up a research plan and obtain a letter of recommendation which is to be included in your application.

Here you can find more information on applications as a PhD student or Post-Doctoral researcher.



In order to apply for a scholarship as a visiting academic/administrative staff please make sure you make contact with the relevant department/unit in Uppsala University well in advance in order to set up an activity plan and obtain a letter of recommendation which is to be included in your application. Feel free to contact the Erasmus Mundus Unit at the International Office at Uppsala University for advice. Also make sure to read the information available for staff applications here.       



>>> See Uppsala University's website about welcoming services


Each incoming mobility has a contact person at Uppsala University to whom they can turn to for questions. For BA/MA students the immediate process after being accepting deals with the application of a residence permit. Uppsala University will issue an admissions letter and send the original along with instructions on how to apply. We can in severe cases use our good connections with the Swedish Migration Board and fast track a permit.

For exchange students we will also prepare the courses taken during the mobility. The learning agreement should be set and signed before the arrival of the student.


All incoming mobility will be offered accommodation in student dorms for a period of up to 12 months. If they will be staying longer they can sign up for a waiting list and will have no problem finding new housing after 12 months.


Starting in the end of July there is an intensive language course (Swedish) offered for BA/MA students. The same course is again offered during the semesters for those who could not participate during summer. There is also an English language course offered during semesters.


Along with the Swedish course in summer students are also offered a cultural program in the week-ends. These programs include traveling in the Uppsala-Stockholm region. Extra guided tours are also offered in the beginning of the fall semester.

During the semesters students will also be involved with a great number of student activities organized by the student union and the student. Students take pride in introducing each other to cultural events and more than one organization will go to great efforts to celebrate for example St Lucia (December 13), The Nobel price ceremony (including guest lectures by the current year's Nobel price winners, Last day of April (Welcoming of spring), Christmas (one of the nations have a great tradition of holding a huge Christmas celebration for anyone in Uppsala who happens to spend Christmas alone. Many exchange students chose to volunteer or participate), New Years etc.


Students are in regular contact with their professors at the university and through seminars and lectures they will be updated on their progress in each course. The International Office will also check for progress at the end of each semester. Should a student not reach the minimum credits we will discuss what has happened and if we can agree on a solution whether it be taking courses in a lower level or taking fewer courses.


All Erasmus Mundus Action 2 projects where Uppsala University is partner is administered and managed by the central level of the university administration. This means that BA/MA students arriving for 1-2 semesters will be integrated in the same welcoming program as all other exchange students


Students at BA/MA level are offered a summer course in Swedish starting late July. There is a cultural program in connection with the course. This course grants them 7,5 ECTS and will finish before the start of the semester. Students are offered to keep studying Swedish at a higher level during the semester.


For all exchange students we will require that a learning agreement has been signed before their arrival, making sure that there will be no problems getting the credits earned transferred back to their home university.


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