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Université Montpellier 2 Sciences et Techniques, Francia


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Recommentation/admission letter from Montpellier 2 University is not mandatory, only recommended.


Servicios para los estudiantes:

The University Montpellier 2 is made up of an Erasmus Mundus Cell in charge of the administrative work but as well of the human aspect of the projects. The Erasmus Mundus team is available for any questions and requests from students and staff.

Moreover, the cell will provide a personalised and warm welcome to students and staff with a special team ready to welcome them at the airport or the train station and go with them to their accomodations, giving to the students map of the city and public transportation, and an explanation of the procedures for the following days.

The students are asked to meet the day after or the day after next at a tramway station with the person who welcomed them, in order to go all together open a French bank account. The UM2 worker in charge of the students will come directly after opening the bank account to our office to continue the administrative procedures, proceed to the payment of their scholarships, and of course, meet in person the student and discuss with him/her how he experienced his venue to Montpellier.

The Cell also organises French language courses in two groups (beginners and intermediate) to help them improving the language and feel more integrated in the country. These classes will be held throughout the academic year.

Students’ meeting and free cultural events to facilitate their integration to the University and Montpellier region are organised as well.

A Facebook group has been created to give the opportunity to all the Erasmus Mundus in Montpellier from all around the world to meet each other and organise meetings. During the first weeks, in order to make them meet each other, few meetings have been organised by the Erasmus Mundus Cell (bar, city tour, shows...). Thanks to facebook, the communication between them is facilitated.

A mentoring system for the foreign students will be set up in the university by next September. A student in Montpellier (French student or coming from other countries) will mentor a foreign student by welcoming him at the university. The two students will be in contact before the arrival.

For students with allowances under 1100 euros, the university is able to provide them with a studio in one of the university residences. For the other grantees, a list of relevant places is proposed.


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