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I have double nationality, one of them is a European nationality. How should I apply?

In order to be eligible you have to apply as a citizen of the Latin American targeted countries, so please attach your Latin American ID/passport. Nonetheless, you should clearly mention (in your CV for instance) your second nationality. If you are awarded a scholarship, you should remind your double nationality to your Host University, thus they will be able to suggest you how to proceed for visa and enrolment procedures (there might be some constraints for enrolment).


Is it mandatory to be fluent in the courses' language?

YES. If a language certificate is not requiered, the Selection Working Group will consider the language competences declared by the candidate in the application form. If you want, you can include more information on your language competences (for example if you have lived in a foreign speaking country) in the Personal Statement Saction.


To whom should I address my letters of support?

Ver aqui.


I finished my studies but I don't have my Bachelor/Master/Doctorate diploma yet.I will receive it the next weeks, but I want to apply now. Is that possible? What other documents should I attach instead of my diploma?

YES. You can apply for a scholarship if you finished your studies, even if you don't have a certificate yet. You only have to indicate when you would send it but keep in mind that the deadline for receiving documents is on 1 de abril de 2013.


What documents should be translated?

Check that information on the european university profile here, or contact the person in charge of the PRECIOSA project at the university at the Contact section.


Is it mandatory to choose 2 different universities? Or is it possible to choose 2 different programs at the same university?

YOU CAN choose 2 different programs at the same university if you decide so.


I graduated from a partner university. What TARGET GROUP do I belong to?

If you graduated and you don't study/teach/work at the partner university, then you belong to TARGET GROUP 2. For more information on target groups please review the BENEFICIARIES section.


Do I have to post my application by regular mail?

NO. You must apply through the PRECIOSA website and our online APPLICATION FORM.

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