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PRECIOSA no va a ofrecer otras becas, les aconsejamos revisar la lista de proyectos Erasmus Mundus Acción 2 financiados por la Comisión Europea.

PRECIOSA is not going to offer other scholarships, we suggest you to check the list of Erasmus Mundus Action 2 projects financed by the European Commission


All the grantees have right to the foillowing economic benefits:


The monthly allowance varies depending on the type of mobility. The grant only covers months of academic activity (based on the calendar of the Host University).


Type of Mobility

Coverage period*

Amount allocated per month


From 5 to 35 months

1,000 Euros


From 5 to 24 months

1,000 Euros


From 6 to 36 meses

1,500 Euros

Post Doctorate

6 months

1,800 Euros

Academic and administrative staff

2 months

2,500 Euros

*The duration of the scholarship depends on the academic calendar of the Hosting University and on the starting of the mobility.



Each grantee has the right to a round-trip (from the city of residence to the host university, and viceversa). The prepaid ticket will be purchased by the Coordination of the PRECIOSA Project  or by the European Host University. For all types of mobility the travel costs will be covered according to the information below:


Distance (kms)

Amount allocated

Until 10,000

2,000 Euros

More than 10,000

2,500 Euros



The Coordination of the PRECIOSA Project will provide each grantee with an international insurance policy offering a full coverage fulfilling the minimum requirements of the Erasmus Mundus Programme. Other mandatory national insurances that might be needed in any of the European Hosting Countries will be covered by the Project.



All the tuition fees at the European Host University will be covered by PRECIOSA Project.

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